Our Company is a satisfying and academic company that invites trainees, professors, and personnel to preserve their own plot to garden on. Numerous trainees reside in homes that do not enable anywhere to plant a garden, which is exactly what makes Our Company so distinct. We presently have more than fifty members, each with their own plot( s) and complete access to the greenhouse. With dinners and conferences as soon as per quarter, it provides members a possibility to communicate with other garden enthusiasts, aid with the maintenance of the entire garden/greenhouse, and talk about present concerns.

Our Company practices natural gardening, which implies that no pesticides or damaging chemicals can be used. Gardening without pesticides supplies a safe environment and teaches members alternative methods of gardening. Another benefit to this method is that it permits members to consume fruit off of our 100+ fruit trees without concern of damaging chemicals. Members grow a wide range of plants, anywhere from flowers to veggies, herbs to big pumpkins! Nearly anything can be grown on your plot!